The MT Show 441

This is our iOS 9 episode.

In this episode we highlight some of the less well known features of iOS 9.  

iPhone 4s through 6s
iPad 2, 3rd and 4th gen., Air, Air 2, Pro
iPad mini through iPad mini 4
iPod touch 5th and 6th gen.

New apps
iCloud Drive (optional)

Turn lists into checklists


Passbook renamed Wallet
Discover card accepted for Apple Pay

Move to iOS app for Android

Under the hood refinements
More responsive performance
Easier updates
Better battery life
Tighter Security
Default 6 digit passcode

Search through photos and videos by date, location, album title (“Show me photos from Utah last August”)
Reminders about things you’re looking at in apps (halfway through an email say “Remind me about this tonight”)
Tell Siri how people in your contacts are related to you

More info in Spotlight searches
Head start on searches on search screen
Relevant people (who you talk to most, last or scheduled to meet)
Suggested apps by your routine, most likely to use, or used recently
Places nearby like food, drink, shopping
Local trending news

Do More On The iPad
New ways to multitask
Slide Over: open a second app without leaving the one you’re in
Split View: have two apps open and active at the same time
Picture in Picture: press home button to scale down FaceTime or a video you are watching to a corner of the display, tap to open a second app

New Shortcut Bar (bold, italic, copy, paste)
Keyboard shortcuts on any keyboard (switching between apps, bringing up search)
Easy text selection by moving two fingers anywhere on the screen

Other Less Publicized Features
System from Helvetica replace by San Francisco
Low Power Mode
Settings are searchable
Spotlight can do calculations and conversions
Request desktop site in Safari
CarPlay settings
Detailed battery usage
Selfies and Screenshots albums in Photos
“Back to” button for when an app shoves you into another app
Keyboard shows upper and lower case letters
Discover card added to Apple Pay (along with store credit cards and loyalty cards)
Disable Shake to Undo
Attach any type of file in emails
Mark up attached photos in emails
Convert a website to a pdf in Safari
Notification center notifications default by date (can be changed in settings)
Battery widget
Find MY Friends/iPhone are now default apps
Apple Watch app name shortened to Watch
App folders on iPad shows a 4x4 array, with 15 pages of apps allowed per folder, they can house up to 240 apps instead of 135
High Quality on Cellular setting in Music
New app switcher
Scrubber bar to navigate photos in Photos
Contact thumbnails in Messages for all iPhone models
Music launches when plugging in earbuds
Reach contacts directly from Spotlight search
Sharing content into Notes
Apple Watch activity achievement are engraved with the date you earned them