How To Reset Windows Password in Parallels

I recently ran into a problem logging into the Windows 10 Virtual Machine (VM) on my iMac using Parallels.  For some reason, every version of my password that I used to log into Windows was not working.  Windows offers a method to reset the password if you had the forethought to create a password recovery disk.  I didn't.  However I did find a solution using the Terminal that worked great and was rather simple.  I will walk through the steps.

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More on Apple Software Fit & Finish

Back in episode 490 we discussed at length the quirkiness of the iOS Music app and how difficult it was to find the Shuffle and Repeat buttons. We weren't the only ones to notice.  Check out this article at Mashable 

In the article they even show a screenshot of "directions" on where to find these items after the last iOS update.  I'm sorry Apple but it seems as you've gotten bigger focus on details and features that made your software a delight to use have gone away.  Let's hope this is temporary. 

Google Fiber in Charlotte, NC

This week I changed cable and internet providers again.  I began the year with AT&T U-Verse with their upgraded internet plan of 18 megabit/s.  Of course 18 was the max and I was happy when I would get 10.  Then Time Warner upgraded their internet service and promised speeds up to 200 megabit/s, so I made the switch.  In order to get 200 you had to be directly connected to the router and all the planets had to align.  I was happy when I got 18 or 20.  Life was good until Google came to the neighborhood and offered 1,000 megabit/s with their state of the art fiber optic lines.  I had to make the switch since I could get great speed with new, state of the art equipment and pay slightly less.

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iOS 10 Camera App Update Rumor

More and more videos are being recorded with smartphones.  Apple continues to improve the camera with each update to the iPhone.  Last year on the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus they introduced the ability to record video in 4k enabling users to create fantastic videos with increased clarity.  Apple even showcases users videos on their website showing how great videos can be produced from the iPhone.  As Apple improves the iPhone camera it has become clear that they need to address the vertical video issue.

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Apple Black Friday Deals

I got a sneak peak at the Target Black Friday ad and they have some good deals on Apple products:

  • 25% off 3rd Generation Apple TV

  • $150 Target Gift Card on iPad Air 2

  • $100 Target Gift Card on iPad Mini 4

  • $80 Target Gift Card on iPad Mini 2

  • $100 Target Gift Card on iPad Air

  • 20% off all iPods

  • $100 Target Gift Card on Apple Watch

  • Buy one, get one 30% off iTunes Gift Cards

  • Discounts on iPhones

  • 25% off Beats Headphones


Since there's no podcast this week I thought I would share something new I found using our blog.

I am fed up with getting "Robo Calls" trying to sell me free solar or fix my Windows PC, even though I use a Mac.  I have AT&T Uverse and have the phone service included in my package.  I was so fed up with these calls I was on the verge of getting rid of my "landline" phone.  Most people have gotten rid of their landline phones and I was going to be next.  Then I looked into blocking these Robo calls.

Uverse offers a way to block calls but it only allows a limited number of phone numbers to be blocked.  Besides, many of the Robo calls come in with a caller ID of "1" or even my own number.  That was not the solution.

I found this service called Nomorobo.  It's a free service that works with one of the Uverse phone features called "Locate Me".  This feature allows up to 5 other phone numbers to ring when someone calls my Uverse phone number.  Nomorobo gives me a number to use for this feature.  When I get a call from a number on Nomorobo's blacklist, my phone rings once and then stops.  Nomorobo intercepts the call and hangs up.  Nomorobo works with many carriers including Time Warner, Verizon Fios, Comcast, Vonage and others.

I've been using the Nomorobo for about a week now and I haven't had any issues.  It intercepts the calls I don't want and lets the calls I do want through.

If you are like me and sick of getting crazy solicitation calls from who knows where, or if you have someone in your family that you are concerned may be scammed by some of these calls, you should check out Nomorobo.

iOS 8 Continuity

I just had my first experience using the new Continuity feature in iOS 8.  I was getting a call on my iPhone when my iPad started ringing as well. I wasn't expecting this since I didn't do anything to set it up and I have an older iPad. I believe you need to have Bluetooth on on both devices. 

Nest adds Works with Nest Program

Nest recently introduced the Works with Nest program for developers to tie home automation products to work with the Nest products. Some of the more recognizable products are Mercedes-Benz, Whirlpool, Jawbone, and Logitech.  Some products like the Jawbone wristband and IFTTT now work with Nest while others like the Chamberlain MyQ garage door opener are working on updates.  Nest wants to be the hub of home automation.  It will be interesting to see how Apple's HomeKit does this.


Works with Nest