iOS 10 Camera App Update Rumor

More and more videos are being recorded with smartphones.  Apple continues to improve the camera with each update to the iPhone.  Last year on the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus they introduced the ability to record video in 4k enabling users to create fantastic videos with increased clarity.  Apple even showcases users videos on their website showing how great videos can be produced from the iPhone.  As Apple improves the iPhone camera it has become clear that they need to address the vertical video issue.

You've probably seen examples of vertical videos on the news when a breaking story happens and the news channel obtains video from someone at the scene.  You notice that the video only shows up as a small sliver in the middle of the screen with large amounts of empty space on either side.  

This occurs when the user takes the video holding the phone vertically.  Smartphone users have become accustom to holding the phone vertically.  This is probably the biggest reason why vertical videos are proliferating the internet.

However, as shown in the image above, when those vertical videos are played back on TV's, iPads and computers the video doesn't fill the screen and the experience for the viewer is poor.  There is even a comical video on YouTube describing the whole vertical video phenomenon.

Rumors that appear to be from a reliable source at Apple indicate that with the iOS 10 update that is scheduled for release in September, the vertical video issue will be addressed.  The source claims that the update will prevent the camera app from recording video if it senses that the iPhone is not in the horizontal position.  The camera update uses the gyroscope to determine the iPhone's orientation.  If the app senses that the iPhone is in a vertical position the record button in the camera app will not appear and will instead present a message to the user that the iPhone needs to be in a horizontal position in order to record the video.  This feature will only affect the iOS camera app allowing third party apps to choose whether or not to incorporate this feature.

Apple apparently realizes that vertical videos do not give viewers a good experience.   Apple is keen on providing the best user experience with their devices and as video recordings continue to improve they thought it was time to incorporate this enhancement in the camera app in iOS 10.

I sure hope this rumor is true.  I think Apple could capitalize on this feature and show how iPhone videos are superior to Android.