How To Reset Windows Password in Parallels

I recently ran into a problem logging into the Windows 10 Virtual Machine (VM) on my iMac using Parallels.  For some reason, every version of my password that I used to log into Windows was not working.  Windows offers a method to reset the password if you had the forethought to create a password recovery disk.  I didn't.  However I did find a solution using the Terminal that worked great and was rather simple.  I will walk through the steps.

First, I didn't know there was a Man page (manual) in the Terminal for Parallels.  There are a number of Terminal commands for Parallels. Typing "man prlctl" in the Terminal gives you the following list of commands:

Screen Shot 2017-09-07 at 12.53.56 PM.png

The list above is just a small sample of the commands.

The next step is to find the VM Windows UUID to reset the password.  The command "prlctl list -I" will show the UUID but it's listed as "ID"

The actual UUID has been masked.

The actual UUID has been masked.

The UUID is needed to reset the password with the "prlctl set" command.

prlctl set UUID (copy from the Terminal results from the previous command) --userpasswd Windows User Name:New password.  Here is an example:

prlctl set a12345a6-789a-0123-aa4a-5a678a90a123 --userpasswd WindowsUser:Password

Parallels may need to be running to reset the password.  An error message will appear if you try to reset the password and Parallels is not running.

This worked like a charm and ended a week of troubleshooting to try to log into my Parallels Windows VM.