I saw my first Google Glass user in the wild on Mother's Day. We were at a nice restaurant. There's something about people who wear those things in public.  You can't help but notice them. Even my wife knew what it was.  I'm not sure it is something I would wear. The guy wearing them turned out to be the stereotypical geek who couldn't put his gadgets away even at a nice restaurant on Mother's Day. 

1Password Update Adds Heartbleed Feature

As you may have heard Heartbleed is the name of a vulnerability that can lead to compromised passwords on websites.  The only fix is to update your website passwords after the website fixes their server software.  There are ways to check a website to see if it has been updated but I just found out that 1Password provides an easy way to check this in their latest software update.  They added a feature to their Security Audit called Watchtower.  You can read more about at the link below.  

1Password Watchtower

New Flash Flaw

Adobe on Monday disclosed a new vulnerability in its Flash platform that may allow attackers to remotely take over and control Macs, PCs, and Linux machines and advised users to update their system as quickly as possible.

Source: AppleInsider

On your Mac, open System Preferences and click on the Flash Player preference pane.  Select Advanced and check for the latest update.